We have engaged in several projects in five nations to provide wheelchairs, education scholarships and advocacy through media and community outreach. The 2015 – 19 projects have been challenging to deliver but we have seen fruitful results all around. We are very excited that 100 brand new wheelchairs specially designed for the terrain of kenya will be dispatched.

“One billion people living with a disability, together they make up the 3rd largest poorest Nation on earth.The majority of the disabled population come from Africa.

Our passion is to equip and provide a safety net to the neglected group and help turn a statistic into a solution”
Anne (founder)


  • Children living with Cerebral Palsy are being prescribed suitable wheelchairs.
  • supported Green Pastures Hospital that operates and rehabilitates disabled kids and adults.


  • Wheelchairs donated and the recipients are able to start accessing education.
  • Education scholarships
  • Famine relief to a few families who have severely disabled children
  • In the process to partner with Chansa university to develop an inclusive rehabilitation centre that will serve the whole country

Harlow UK

  • Coffee morning last every fortnightly that brings together disabled people, their families, carers and friends, to exchange ideas and gain support from one onset her.
  • Provide leisure breaks and trips to the zoo, cinemas, seaside visits in the summer breaks.
  • Offer advice and provides a voice on behalf our our members to the local authority in issues relating to housing, access in buildings, shops, and advising local groups on how best to include disabled people in the towns activities.


  • Education scholarships
  • Wheelchairs and tricycles distribution is on going. We are very great full to Polio Children Charity for providing the tricycles.

Kenya Project

We were privileged to send over 40 wheelchairs to Kenya. This was made possible by Jane Mukabi of Royale Hotel, in Karen, Nairobi who arranged the shipping.


We’d also like to thank Global Hand UK, and Airlink for making it possible for two volunteers to travel to Kenya to distribute the wheelchairs. We also did disability advocacy in the community and through the media. It was really good to spend time with the students of Thika School.

We would like to thank Kenya Airways for making it possible for one of our fund raisers, Ms Evelyn Devere Bourne, to take much needed physiotherapy equipment to Thika School for the Physically Challenged.

We Care Group

At the Olympia-Wafula Foundation we value the dedication and commitment of carers, family, and friends that help disadvantaged and physically challenged people to lead more active lives. We also recognise that helpers need a supportive, encouraging community that understands the work they do.

Based in Essex, England the ‘We Care’ group offers an environment in which support workers and carers can meet up through coffee mornings, outdoor activities and special events.

Motivation and education

We also organise motivational speakers and community outreach initiatives that educate young people and new carers about daily challenges faced by those with physical or learning difficulties.

School visits

If you’d like to come to one of our meetings or to arrange a school/organisational visit by one of our representatives, please contact us here. If you’d like to offer support, services, or to volunteer, we’d love to hear from you.

Educate a Child, Inspire a Nation

Whilst some take education for granted, children in most developing countries aren’t always so fortunate. Resources are scarce in many villages and parents can’t afford to pay for school fees, books and uniforms. More so the challenge is greator and frustrating for parents with children living with disabilities.

By choosing to sponsor a child, you’ll not only be helping improve the life of an individual, you will also be putting them in a position where they can help others by enhancing future prospects for their entire communities.

With your help, it is possible to make a meaningful difference to the lives of many people by creating a legacy to inspire future generations.

You’ll also receive regular updates by letters, photos and school reports to show how you’re helping to create a brighter future by empowering others through your support.

To find out more about how you can get involved, please contact us here.

Hamidor Buliani

Hamidor is a 4 year old girl who has cerebral palsy. She lives in Malawi. Her condition means her mother is unable to work in the fields because she is unable to sit alone.

Her mother carries her on her back but as she grows this is becoming more difficult. Hamidor urgently needs a wheelchair that can support her neck and back. She also needs a bed and clothes.

Please help to support this very deserving girl by becoming her sponsor, or by making a one off donation.

Thank You

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